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  • and make good money doing it!

    ‘Strategies for a Successful Art Business!’



INTRODUCING MY NEWEST BOOK TITLED:  ART, MONEY & SUCCESS.   Finally make a living doing what you love.   A complete and easy-to-follow system for the artist who wasn’t born with a business mind.  Learn how to find buyers, get paid fairly, negotiate nicely, deal with copycats and sell more art.

Making a living with your art shouldn’t be so hard.  You deserve to be paid well for your talent and hard work.  Other artists are doing it, so why can’t you?

It’s not your fault.  You just haven’t been given the right strategies that it takes to have a thriving, successful art business.   All that changes now!

In ART, MONEY & SUCCESS  I share tried and true strategies to earn a full-time living with your art.  Throughout the book, I’ll coach you through a series of exercises so that you get instant results.   If you take just half of the guidance provided in this book, you will take your art business to the next level.

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In 2003 I left the corporate world to work full time with my husband, artist Drew Brophy.   We had the dream to live a life of surfing and creating art while traveling.

The day I left that corporate job was the day my real life began.  But, had no idea how we were going to replace my newly lost income and support our family.  Our son was just  a baby at the time.  Over time, we learned how to build Drew’s brand as a surf artist and generate multiple streams of income.  We made money from original art, reproductions, illustrations and licensing.  We also figured out how to make every single event we attended make money for us.  It was as though we were putting the pieces to a puzzle together, one by one.  Now, many years later, we find ourselves sharing our strategies with other artists.

I decided to write this book after working with hundreds of artists, in which I coached them to create their own thriving art business.  The feedback was positive and plentiful.  Every day for the past three years I have received emails from artists telling me how much my guidance has helped them.  So I thought, if I put this information into a book, I could reach tens of thousands of artists with this information.  And here it is.

ART, MONEY & SUCCESS is not just a book of strategies but it’s also a workbook that acts as though you have me, your coach, right there with you.  Many chapters end with a worksheet of exercises designed to get you thinking and problem solving on the spot.

Some of the strategies covered in the book include:

  • Get clarity on what you want
  • Establish your niche
  • Find your Right Buyer
  • How to get started selling your art
  • Where to sell your work
  • How to price your work
  • Selling strategies
  • Galleries and how to get into them
  • How to make money and sell art in non-conventional ways
  • Money Matters
  • How to set income goals
  • How to make money from every opportunity
  • Copyrights and should you file and own them
  • Written agreements – are they necessary
  • and much more!

In the book, I share a lot of my personal stories and the stories of others so that you can get a better understanding of some of the concepts.  I put myself out on a limb writing this book, as much of the information is non-conventional, and I am sure to be criticized by art snobs and institutions. But if you want to make money with your art, my book is what will help you do it.  The conventional ways don’t work, and they hardly ever did.  There is a way to do it, and I show you how.

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