Art Marketing

How to Get Over your Fear of Making Sales Calls – For Creative Entrepreneurs

Maria / November 13th, 2013 / Art Marketing, business of art, Entrepreur

One easy tool that will create brand awareness for artists

Maria / April 1st, 2013 / Art Marketing, business of art

What to do when you are turned down for a project or job

Maria / December 18th, 2012 / Art Marketing, business of art

How to get People into your Art Studio

Maria / March 15th, 2012 / Art Marketing, business of art

Three Simple Tips on How to Deliver a Powerful and Persuasive Speech

Maria / January 31st, 2012 / Art Marketing, Entrepreur, Public Speaking

Don’t Make This Mistake When Selling Art – Connecting with Collectors Series

Maria / January 4th, 2012 / Art Marketing, business of art

Self Promotion is NOT a Dirty Word – 11 Ways to Market Yourself

Maria / July 13th, 2011 / Art Marketing, Entrepreneur

When is it time to Quit – Throwing in the Towel

Maria / April 16th, 2011 / Art Marketing, business of art, Motivation, Philosophy

Dont be a Monster – How to Get a Gravatar

Maria / March 1st, 2011 / Art Marketing

Success Formula From Live Painting Artist Michael Pukac

Maria / February 13th, 2011 / 10 Success Principles for Artists, Art Marketing, business of art, Philosophy

Pimping your Art and Why Art Licensing Makes Sense

Maria / October 6th, 2010 / art licensing, Art Marketing

Four ways keep your supporters coming back

Maria / September 21st, 2010 / Art Marketing, business of art

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