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    ‘Strategies for a Successful Art Business!’


I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented artists. Here’s what just a few of them had to say about our time together:

“My dream to become a successful artist is coming true, and I give Maria major credit for getting me there. Maria’s coaching expertise is beyond what I expected.  She always has answers to my questions, and unique strategies for my goals. Her experience in the art industry is vast, and her knowledge is invaluable and cutting edge. But best of all, she believes in me, and instills belief in myself.”  Sara Phelps

“I’ve followed Maria’s advice for years.  Through our consultations I’ve learned some of the foundations of licensing, plus what some of the “norms” are in regards to pricing and terms. I’ve become more confident in knowing what I want and how to ask for it. I’ve learned to turn down work if it’s not a good fit for my business plan. Maria has so much knowledge and you will not regret your work with her!” Kelly Reark

I  read every email you send.  Each one is so valuable to me! I have a file of all of them and refer back often.  Thank you for sharing your gift. You are a treasure!  Just an update for you as well on the case you helped me with a few months back…everything is going extremely well;  I feel like I really dodged a bullet with your help. Thanks again!  Many blessings,  Tabitha Paige”

“I haven’t had a conversation with someone this knowledgeable in my whole life!  A lot of people tell me that I should sell my work, but you are the first person who has been able to tell me HOW, in a viable way.”  Joe Mahoney

“I took a lot of great steps toward furthering my career after we last spoke. You motivate me without the heavy duty or covert shaming pressure I have felt from other coaches. I need a positive encouraging you-can-do-it attitude.  I know this because you have it and it works for me.”  CutZy McCall

“You’ve really put things into perspective for me, more than anyone else has been able to.  I feel like I know what to do now.”  Kelly Duluoz

“I can’t begin to tell you what your coaching did to help change my mentality as well as equip me with better business skills.  I just got an email from my client agreeing to the price with an attached Purchase Order! Woohoo!! Very relieved!”  Tabitha Schmitt

No matter what the outcome of my negotiations, my consultation with you was the best money ever spent.  You gave me piece of mind.  You grounded me.  I was confident in what I was doing, and nothing is better than to live from a place of confidence.  I am very grateful to you.”  Pascally Toussaint

“In the week since I contacted Maria for a one hour consult, my business has skyrocketed. It’s almost like magic! The biggest problem has been organizing all the wonderful opportunities that I’ve received since. Not only does she give you real, practical steps to take immediately that will make your long term goals seem closer than you previously imagined — she is downright inspiring!  Her encouragement and belief in my art business has helped me believe in it too. She has been nothing short of life-changing for me.”  Shayla Maddox

“Thanks for your help and advice.  Your Artist Brand Assessment has truly helped me to gain clarity on my business goals and objectives.” Benita B. Brown

“I took your advice and now I am selling more artwork everyday.  I changed up my work and I have hit on a really big idea.  I sold 3 pieces just last night!  Now I have customers coming to see me for art.  And with the new work I am doing I am selling on facebook too.  Thank you for the brainstorming and your time!”  Annette Taunton, Florida
I’m always so excited when I receive your e-mail newsletters.   You were definitely right that conventions were a great place for my type of artwork! Ever since I started doing these vendor shows things have started to pick up, and now I have people who want me to teach art classes in their classrooms/shops, so now I am teaching in three venues and pulling in plenty of extra income. I’m so happy and thrilled to finally be getting somewhere with my artwork and I thank you for a lot of the momentum because your advice and your book have been so helpful. ” Emily Cammisa
“I hired Maria to help me with a complicated situation for my art business. Her positive demeanor, attention to detail and genuine desire to support my art business was evident. She showed excellence throughout the process and went above and beyond.”  Ann Bollman
“I love what you do, I really appreciate it.  If only I could have gotten your email series before the many years of figuring it out through hard experiences.  I have kept all your mails and intend to re-read them all, I still have a lot to learn about business.  You have already helped me a lot, you should know that. ” Tashi Stylianou

“Maria has been a great source of encouragement and direction. Her advice has helped me tremendously with my mural business. She has been helpful and transparent, which is hard to come by.”  Stephanie Ellis

“The information you gave me was priceless!  I now have a clear plan of what I need to focus on and I know the things we discussed will take my art career to the next level.  You have saved me thousands of dollars on not doing the wrong things and I will be able to put my money where it needs to go for a better ROI.  I’m SO glad I found you!” Robin Jorgensen

“Maria’s advice is realistic and her experience and genuine concern for artists is evident!  Maria takes her business seriously, and that translates into taking your business seriously.”  Joan Chamberlane

“Maria was extremely helpful in guiding me to a business solution that would be win-win for all parties. Her deep understanding of and experience in art licensing gave her creative thoughts and ideas real credibility. I left our call feeling confident, educated, and excited to pursue my project.”   Christel Wendelberger

“Maria is extremely business savvy, a skilled educator, and an inspiration to artists. She is a wonderful leader in the art & licensing world.”  Bonnie Glendinning of the Thriving Artist Summit

“I highly recommend Maria.  I was going through a rough licensing deal and she helped me in a quick and very professional manner.  She immediately put me at ease; her advice and expertise was truly amazing and inspiring!”  Niamh Fitzsimons

“Maria has been one of the most encouraging, helpful, and practical people that I have ever met in the art field.  She has been a source of constant inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing my passion despite the setbacks that naturally occur in the process.”   Ryan Rhoades

“Maria’s expertise was incredibly helpful to me while I was working out details for an art licensing deal. She’s amazingly easy to talk with and her thoughtful insight and common sense approach are a winning combination.  I would highly recommended her.”  Andrea Weiser

“Maria is an invaluable resource with an amazing ability to translate legalese into normal “human speak”. She helped me understand the contracts I deal with so I am better equipped to negotiate terms that work for my business and goals.
I absolutely recommend Maria’s services and have no doubt I will be contacting her for help in the future.”  Jennifer Goode

“Maria went above and beyond to guide me each step of the way. Her knowledge in the licensing world is vast, but she is also very approachable and personable and helped me arrive at a solution that I could feel good about. I highly recommend her consulting services.”  Kate Troyer

“Maria is the go-to person for all things licensing, contract, and art deal related. Not only is she smart and savvy but she’s honest, gracious, and generous. Maria’s advice, views, and opinions are spot on and she has an eagle eye for detail and an incredible licensing skill set built from her own experience.”  Susan Allen

“If you have ANY questions about art licensing, Maria has the answer. Her experience and knowledge of the field is evident right from the start. She helped me create a straight forward and fair deal for artists in just one hour. Now I have the confidence to go out and sign some great artists!”
Andriana Cassimatis, the Sympathy Project

“Maria provided a HUGE wealth of information and just the support I needed in our session. She over delivered with tons of extra details and tips. I walked away from our consultation feeling like I’m not in this alone.  Someone else has my back! thanks Maria!”  Claudine Hellmuth

“Maria really does her homework. She took the time to understand my business and goals before diving into her recommendations. She was easy to talk to and informal, but gave me practical guidance and advice that I could act on right away. I’ll definitely work with her again.”  David Billings

“I woke up this morning and because of you, for the first time in I don’t know how long, did not feel stressed out. I can actually take a deep breath, enjoy my weekend. I’m on the right track! I have a plan! Yay!” Sharna Fulton





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  1. cindy brown

    hi there, my husband is an airbrush artist in his spare time. he takes all his own pictures and sketches freehand. everyone tells us he is extremely talented. but none of the giftshops that his prints are in, are selling his art. now we are framing his art but its costly. we pay for everything ourselves. good thing we have decent jobs. he actually has a career he loves and this is just a sideline. but i want to quit the job i hate and represent him frull time. its been a year since i started asking stores to carry his work. he also doesnt love doing public demos but has agreed to local newspaper articles and some demos at libraries etc. what am i doing wrong? people will buy a 1000 dollars iphone but not a 150 dollar framed print! ps mike has only been painting 4 years. i see a great retirement…but only if i can get people to buy. he has a facebook page called michael r brown artist. and has started using oils and a paintbrush for the first time in his life. any advice would be greatefully appreciated.

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