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When One Commits, Providence Moves – How to make Anything Happen

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Maria and Dylan, Golden Gate Bridge

“When one commits, providence moves… “  (once you decide to do something, everything starts falling into place)

We just got news that Drew has been commissioned to paint a 60 foot mural in Myrtle Beach South Carolina this summer.  That was music to our ears, because we weren’t quite sure how we were going to financially swing being on the road this summer.

You see, earlier this year Drew  and I decided to do something out of the norm as small business owners.  We are taking three five months to “Surf, SUP and Paint” across the U.S.

And, until recently, we had no idea how we were going to pay for our travels and all of our studio and household expenses at the same time.

I’ll be honest; I was nervous about how we were going to make it all happen.  Thankfully, I don’t usually let my nerves dictate my actions.  And then, over the past few months, opportunities have literally fallen into our laps, making this trip happen easily for us.

I want to share with you how we made those opportunities come about.

It’s my wish for you to understand this brilliant, unconventional concept so that you may use it for yourself.

First, luck is not a factor.  People tell me that I’m lucky to be able to travel and run my own little family business.

A freedom-based lifestyle is not created from luck.  It’s the result of making a commitment to what you dream of doing, and then living it out as everything falls into place to make it happen.  This is what I consider “Providence.”

Though I’m not a religious person, the word itself comes from a religious idea – you’ve heard people say “Live and Let God” or “Have faith in God”.  Well, in my case, Providence is having faith that it will all work out, AS LONG AS you allow it to.

We could have come up with a million reasons NOT to do our three month trip.  The most obvious is “how will we make our money so we can afford it?”  And “Who will run our business while we’re gone?” and “How will we pay our mortgage?”

And then, the question our mothers ask: “What will you do about Dylan’s schooling?”

At first we didn’t know the answers, but we made the decision anyway.  We will leave in July, adventure across the country and return three months later.  To set the plan in stone, I bought my niece from Florida a one-way plane ticket to fly out and do the drive with us from West to East.

Yes, it seems frivolous!  And so irresponsible!  And just, well, people don’t do those things, right?  These are the thoughts of people who don’t do a whole lot with their lives, who never break out and really live.  Many of them die with money in the bank but very few happy memories.

Not us.  Drew and I share the belief that life is to live NOW, not later.

The secret is simple:  Make the decision first (without the money or the solutions) and then have faith that all the pieces will come together.  And, they always do.

I didn’t make this up.  I learned it late in life.  This idea of making a decision and watching pieces come together was written about by Goethe William Hutchinson Murray, in a quote I’ve often referred to.  

The message of the quote is life-changing and immensely powerful, once you come to understand it.  It’s long, so I’ve broken it into prices for you, with my thoughts after each section:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back…”

Until you truly commit in your heart, you can pull back at the last second.  I see this all the time in the surfing lineup (and I’ve been guilty of it myself!)  You see a good wave coming, you start paddling madly for it, then, just as you are about to drop into this heaving, huge wave, you PULL BACK because you realize you just aren’t ready for that yet!

The other side of the coin is full commitment.  If you are truly committed, there is no turning back.  Like buying a plane ticket; you can’t get your money back, so your decision is made.  You’re going!

“Concerning all acts….ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans”  This means that if you don’t come to understand the next part of the quote regarding commitment, you may kill all ideas, all wonderful plans, anything BIG you wish to do.  This next part is what you want to understand:

“That the moment that one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.”  The moment you make a true decision, everything starts falling into place.  EVEN IF your decision is nuts, has never been done before, you can’t see how it will happen, it’s nearly impossible, etc. etc. etc.

Once you make a decision, Providence moves.  It will happen.  It will work out because you’ve made the commitment.  For you skeptics out there, the HOW is explained in the next part of the quote, below:

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Once you commit, magic happens.  People start offering you work, friends mention something that helps you achieve it, things fall into your lap: jobs, information, offers, the right people.

By making a commitment, you crack open previously unknown sources that release elements of the right stuff that you need!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

This means that you shouldn’t wait for things to happen, or for permission to make things happen, for your kids to grow up, for you to get married, for others to agree with what you’re doing, for the economy to get better, for your retirement, or whatever is making you wait to do what you dream of.

Do what you want to, with your life, with your year, with your summer, NOW!

When Drew and I made the decision to travel for three months, we hadn’t a plan.  But with the decision Providence moved; opportunities began to pop up.  Things started happening to make our trip work.

Here’s my personal experience with “all sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred”:  Once we announced that we were traveling, opportunities to solve our challenges popped up:

  • Artist Ron and Michelle Croci taught us how to go about renting our house for the summer on V.R.B.O.  (This is what’s paying our home expenses while we are gone.)
  • Friends as well as people we barely know in Idaho, Spokane, Missoula, Minnesota, Cape Hatteras, and other awesome places invited us to come visit them on our way (and we will visit every single one of them).  We have friends to see in over 15 states!
  • Drew was commissioned to paint a huge mural in South Carolina in August, which is exactly where we will be at that time.  How “lucky” is that?!
  • My friend who was recently “retired” from the corporate world, Claire, will be running our internet business while we are gone and she will be our property manager for our house.
  • As for Dylan’s schooling:  we just learned of an excellent Virtual Home School program.  Dylan will begin his 6th grade classes from the road.  As long as we have an internet connection, he can go to “school” anywhere in the world!

I share this concept and my story with you to demonstrate that you don’t have to do things the way everyone else does.  You can take giant leaps into unknown territory, try new things, commit to travel or new business ideas.

Or, how about just taking that leap into doing that one thing you’ve dreamed of your whole life, but you waited for all the pieces to come together?

Well, now you know, it will all come together once you decide to do it, in the form of a commitment.

What’s next for you?  Please, share in the comments!

Luv, Maria xxoo

PS:  Don’t miss my recent interview with the lovely Monica Lee of “Smart Creative Women!”  In this one hour session I’m dishing up talk on art, money, business and things I probably should never talk about.  Watch it here:


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60 Comments When One Commits, Providence Moves – How to make Anything Happen

  1. Danie at Pasadya

    How inspirational. I always get caught up in “logical” ideas, and I have trouble fully committing to a big idea. Your post gives me the extra push to lead a life that’s exciting and ever-changing. I think the first huge step for me is getting my startup in shape. In the future, I’d love to travel the world for exhibitions. It’s a dream, but I think it’s possible with dedication and trust.

    1. Maria

      Danie, thanks so much for the comment! We all are taught, at an early age, to be logical. And that comes in handy for many things. It’s also a chain around our necks. Please, don’t let “someday” never come.

      Choose one thing, today, that you want to do that you have been nervous or scared to do. And then slam your fist down on the table and say “I’m going to do it! Right now, I start making a plan!”

      And then do it. And let me know how it goes!

  2. Mikita ~ Kisabird Studios

    I have felt or experienced this before and am working my way back to it. Thank you for this post. I had a visual in my mind of a sci-fi scene where you stick just your hand into a portal (but can still pull out) versus you walk through the portal (forcefield) and enter this new realm. The unknown causes fear – it is primal – it is a survival mechanism. (It often just comes up at times when there is no saber-tooth cat chasing us.)

  3. Lorenzo

    Yes, yes, yes! The more I follow my intuition, the more I live for the moment. As you know, I’m big on Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and, the truth is, the only thing we truly have is this moment. We really don’t possess anything beyond that.

    That’s so great that your idea is coming to fruition! I’m so happy for you guys!!!

    I’m finding myself worrying less and less about what other people think (I struggle with it every now and then). My rule of thumb is: will I be harming anyone in what I WANT TO DO – if the answer is no, I do it. Being scared, embarrassed or risking looking “ridiculous” doesn’t really harm anyone, so I’ll do it.

    I’m the happiest I have ever been in my life living this way! I can go on and on, but, in a nutshell, this way of thinking started by the encouragement of my wife, Michelle. The philosophical and intellectual message has come from Eckhart Tolle. Then, for me, Drew’s art is a graphic illustration of the same message. And your blogs and lifestyle (as an example) are the continuation of the idea in an every day sense. Plus, discovering the power to feel the fear and do it (what I genuinely want to do) anyway which I learned while climbing Angel’s Landing in Zion has been invaluable. Even where I work has been a source for this encouragement.

    All this has come together within the last couple of years for me. Along with loving Drew’s art, what you both have been putting out there has become an integral part of my life. THANK YOU!

    It looks like you’ll be heading north to start off. If you want to make your first stop Sonoma County let me know. I might be able to hook you up with a place to stay (no guarantees, but I’ve got a couple of ideas). Unfortunately, our one bedroom condo would be pretty cramped, but a possibility – I’ll have to ask the boss first 😉

    1. Maria

      Lorenzo, thanks for all of the kind words and for making Drew and I feel like we are doing something important!

      I’m so glad that you are happy, and I agree, when we stop worrying about how we look, and we just do what we feel like doing, we are so much happier, and free!

      Thanks for the offer – we may be going up through Utah as we may have a painting job in Salt Lake City. But we will find out more as it gets closer, and if we do come your way, this time we will call for sure! 🙂

  4. Croz

    Hi I thought that this fitted in well with your wonderful article.

    Thoughts from Worry Free Island: Today it is possible that your life and your future will be determined and changed forever, by some past programming that is totally untrue. Take the time today to challenge anything that stops you doing anything that you would LOVE to do. The people who have programmed you over the years have all had different agendas, but now start asking what were their qualifications. Have a great day.

    Thoughts from Worry Free Island: Until you relax and become aware of where you are, your limiting beliefs will never let you get to where you want to be. That is why it is a glass ceiling, you do not realise there are any blockages until you hit the glass.
    The only way through is to break the glass.

  5. Indigene

    Thanks so much for this, Maria! I know this to be true, but when you’re in the heart of fear, you trap yourself! Thanks for showing us all, there is light . You have to believe and want it! You’re always a treasure trove of insight! Have an amazing Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

    1. Maria

      Sometimes I just ask myself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” And if it’s not death, then I go for it!

  6. Rachael

    I am so excited for you guys. The inspiration is good timing for me as well. Where in SC will you be? I’m in NC and love mural projects maybe I’ll be able to make a trip and get a peak. Also, I highly recommend a stop in Asheville while you’re out this way. It’s AMAZING food and local beer, fantastic art and they even have a mural community project. Keep me posted. I’ll be gone the first week of August and we may be moving as well, we’ll see.

    1. Maria

      Rachael, I’ve been dying to go to Ashville! It’s on my list. I’ve heard so many great things about that community. And me, being the meditating-yogi that I am, it’s probably a great place for me to visit. Sorry I’ll just miss you, as I arrive that area the 2nd week of August!

  7. kara rane

    Congratulations on your life adventure*! Visualize & FEEL that You have whatever it is that is holding the idea back… let the worry go,, be as if there are no obstacles. This is a powerful place to activate many a dream into reality. Happy travels~

  8. Caroline

    I love this post Maria! “You don’t have to do things the way everyone else does”…Yes, it really is that simple! We’re so communal by nature & so influenced by each other that making decisions entirely on our own, led by our own instincts, can be challenging…we really have to remind ourselves of this fact regularly to avoid letting others make our decisions for us (whether they are aware of it or not). Thanks!

  9. Lisa

    I LOVE (& want to LIVE) this! We have just signed papers & put up a “For Sale” sign to our house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the same questions from people over & over…..”Have you got jobs lined up?” “Do you know where you’re gonna work?” “Where are you gonna live?” And honestly – we really don’t have answers to ANY of these questions. Yet. But we know what our goals are (to be 100% debt free & living in the Carolina’s so we can live near the beach half the year & travel the other half – insert question; “What about school for Mason?”) We are confident that things will fall into place….because we will do whatEVER it takes! I will for sure be keeping a close eye on your posts for any tips & tricks…THANKS for the ones which you have given me just in this post alone!

    1. Maria Brophy

      Lisa, I’m so excited for you and your family. You are creating a new, exciting chapter to your lives – and I am 100% confident that you will NEVER regret it! Thanks for commenting, and for sharing your story. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds….

  10. Lorenzo

    Good one Maria: “What’s the worst that can happen? And if it’s not death, then I go for it!” 🙂

  11. Lorenzo

    It’s great that you resolved so much to make this come to fruition, ie you found someone to run the internet business & be property manager and Dylan’s schooling. Nice problem solving – those are good examples of being open to opportunities.

  12. Heidi Gray

    It is truly amazing that when you commit to your vision and start talking about your goals, dreams & passions to others this sense of inspiration sparks the people you are connected to. I have just recently started expressing my desire to work on a freelance basis in graphic design and networking with others in the profession. While my ultimate goal is surface design, a freelance lifestyle will provide more time to put towards my passion and my family. I had one lunch meeting this week and work was thrown my way, not only was it package and identity graphic design freelance, it includes surface and pattern design creation! Thank you Maria for your passion for your family & lifestyle.

    1. Maria Brophy

      Heidi, your example is a powerful one. I’m willing to bet that over the next few months, you will be inundated with golden opportunities! Congratulations!

  13. Jacek

    There is something in the Will to pursuit our happiness. Wherever we turn there can be possibility if you do not hesitate. In January tired of looking day and night in the computer screen I decided to put ongoing project on the side and try to recover doing something else .So I decided to paint series of painting with contemporary interpretation of religious subject with the goal to get some commissions like i used to living in Rome Italy.
    So now I am halfway through this project with already one positive outcome. Searching for venues I was able to find, paint and i have already accepted painting to be displayed in Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum during the Grand Rapids 2012 Art prize. Regardless of the final outcome here I feel more confident than ever with some other opportunities coming.

  14. Tara Reed

    Yeah Brophy’s! I grew up in a family that did this sort of thing and had the rest of the relatives shaking their heads in disbelief. When I was in 2nd grade (my sis in 5th & my brother in kindergarten) we all went around Europe for 4 months. My parents home-schooled us and I think I’ve seen where every Astronomer was born, died, buried and my goodness probably took a leak throughout Europe. I remember a lot of it and it has definitely helped shape who I am today.

    When I’m feeling scared of stepping out there – I’ll just come read this again and channel my inner-Maria!

  15. Laura Zarrin

    Great post! My husband has been wanting to retire early for about 10 years. This year he finally did it at 49 even tho the economy made it much riskier by ‘downsizing’ our savings. Since then, I’m getting more work. I’m committed and things are beginning to happen. Hoping ‘providence’ provides some more college money for the kids 😉

    Have fun this summer!

  16. lyna

    Hi Marie
    I’ve been silently following your posts these past few weeks since I heard about you through Tara….I love to hear when other people- artists especially -really get these principles that you are talking about. I’ve pretty much lived with the law of attraction- or committing to a want and letting the energy align with it since I was in my 20’s …..which is why ASheville has been so suited for me…-so excited to hear you may drop in to experience my town since ’93- I’d love to met you!
    Also- my mom lives in Myrtle Beach—do you have a place to stay there yet?
    Thank you for stepping out and sharing your journey with us….

  17. Sparky Firepants

    Maria, I totally get this. Once we finally committed to moving back to Los Angeles, everything started falling into place. We still have so many doubters among us who question why we would move somewhere that’s “so expensive,” or with “shallow people.” The thing is, we know where we belong and what’s right for us. Once we made the decision to follow our hearts, things just started working out. Not by magic, but because we subtly began choosing options that helped us get where we wanted to go.

    I believe in Providence and I believe in taking leaps to live the life you want. With 3 children, I can’t imagine a better lesson or example.

    1. Maria Brophy

      Sparky, so glad you’re coming back to the best, I mean, West coast!
      We aren’t all shallow out here…

  18. Claire

    Such a fantastic life you have carved out for the family. Make the decision to change something and things fall into place. Looking forward to being your “back up” when you’re on the road.

    Love you all

    Claire x

  19. linda

    Truly amazing! If you guys ever want to visit Italy – I’m here 😛

    I have to say that it’s so true… that we have to take some action, because action happens around us. If we sit around and wait for the perfect time, never seems to come!

  20. Marie Kazalia

    Maria–Great article. Wow! So many comments, and so much I could say as well. (but will keep it brief). Yes, I took off (left the USA) and traveled around the world for 4 years. I had *planned* to return sooner…but…so much support, income, opportunities etc kept coming my way.

    I taught and I wrote and I studied Japanese in Japan and studied Mandarin Chinese in university courses in Hong Kong, China. (I was even in a Hong Kong movie and paid for the small roles I played.)

    When traveling to Beijing I was able to read and speak Mandarin and the Chinese people loved it and American tourists would stand and stare with their mouths hanging open in amazement when I spoke.

    I rode a bicycle in Tiananmen Square, walked the entire Imperial Palace, and visited the Summer Palace. At the Summer Place, a restaurant was packed full, so they opened up another room was walls covered with ancient carved dragons where we had a nice quiet cloth covered table to dine and study the art! I walked on the Great Wall–things I’d always wanted to do ever since completing an *art history of China* class as an art student.

    None of it would have happened if I hadn’t made all the arrangements, purchased that flight ticket and gotten on the plane. It was one of those moves that felt right to me at the time and rather than let that pass I took up the opportunity! (There were people who did not want me to leave for their own selfish reasons, and even tried to make me fearful of war etc–all of which actually made me realize that I wanted to go even more!)

    I prefer Asia, but at one point I found myself in Frankfurt, Germany (with flight ticket for that evening). It was a monday when all the museums were closed except Goethe’s house, which I toured. He was quite a genius and considered the last true Renaissance man–skilled in writing, painting, math, science, map making, etc, etc. I know that quote in your article.

    The Goethe Institute is everywhere–and kept popping up around the world before I found myself at his house. For instance, the Goethe Institute branch in India used to show movies outdoors,which I went to see.

    Anyway, this is getting way too long, but I wanted to mention those few things at least.

  21. Name (required)

    That is so awesome! I read it out loud to my wife and she said: We are doing that next year kids! She is telling the boys about it now.
    Ironically I have just made a big decision to get rid of my studio. Rental studios have started popping up everywhere $20/hr instead of the $18k a year I pay. I felt like an indentured servant to the place.

  22. Mike Savlen

    Maria, this newsletter could not have come at a better time. I just got on here to find a picture of a 35 ft Wildcat catamaran to put on my desktop so I can look at it every day and keep envisioning my wife, pup and I living on it, sailing, painting and fishing. Our plan is to do this by next year and we haven’t got the slightest idea of how to pull it off but we will anyway. Your blog and newsletters are always an inspiration and its really nice to know that we aren’t the only ones in the world that people think are nuts. By the way we just moved to the Charleston area a few months ago and we would love to meet you guys when you make it out this way. Hope your having an amazing day and thank you for the inspiration!

  23. Deb Gichan

    In addition to emailing this post to friends, I have slowly read it a few times. So inspirational and so true. Feat holds so many people back, and particularly for women, we have a hard time taking risks. But we have too. And I have found that when I do put myself out there, something unexpected and good happens.
    Tom Waits quote, “fishin for a good time starts with dropping in the line” so go for it, try, take risks.

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  26. Amy

    Wow I’ve book marked this page.
    I’ve been working on my art career for a couple of years now, but it’s only been the last couple of months that I said ‘stuff it, I’m going all in”. While I still have a day job (3 days a week), I’ve put so much time and more time and money and effort into my art business. A lot of people think I’m mad, or don’t understand how I can pursue a hobby as a business where I’m making a loss (I know that eventually I’ll make a living from it), or love my art but don’t understand what I do with my time etc.
    I don’t care what people think of my decision now. It’s made and I’m sticking to it, no matter what.

    Committing has brought about a lot more work, but also some opportunities and achievements that I at first put down to luck and finally ‘making it’. But in reality, I pushed it that way. I got press because I finally sent a press release out, I got into a commercial gallery just before I ran out of money to exhibit because I actually approached them and now – something I never really considered – I’ve been asked about putting my art on wine labels.

    So now I’m going to put more faith into it actually happening. You have to make it, by actually starting something, but if you do then it appears that it will actually work.

    Thank you for this post 🙂 Thank you for affirming my hunch that if I give it my all it’ll happen.

  27. Kathryn

    Maria, Your post is inspirational as usual. I haven’t made a big leap like you have, but I realize I can make a few tiny steps.

    As someone who is also not religious, I greatly appreciate your post. If you re-read your list of opportunities that have helped solved your challenges, you’ll notice that other PEOPLE close and far can be credited with lending a helping hand. Yes, there is no magic involved, it is a simple matter of people helping people and you extending yourself to voice what you need and finally recognizing the opportunity when it arises. This is a valuable lesson that I not only need to commit but to a goal, but reach out to others. I’d like to think that I can create as some sort of recluse, but at some point in time I need to reach out to others so that people “magic” can happen.

  28. Josep

    Maria, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. It is so difficult to find people who are not afraid to think differently and more importantly, aren’t afraid to put their beliefs in practice!
    To be honest, only now that I’ve been laid off from a corporate job am I finding the courage to follow the dream I’ve always had: Living off my cartooning skills. As much as people seem happy that I’ve taken that decision, you can also see in their eyes that doubt, that “oh my God… he’s in for a rude awakening!” face… and yes, it does affect me constantly. Reading articles like yours helps me to keep going and commit even more to what I really want to do with my life!
    Thanks again!
    A fan

  29. lisa

    Maria..enjoyed our chats of all things random at pizza last week..the providence that you speak so eloquently of in your article obviously had a hand in our literally “running in to one another then just staying, sitting and talking”…both the article and the YOU inspired me and gave me takes massive courage to actually execute what you wrote about and I feel super excited to follow your adventures..I get a bit overwhelmed and plexed on the whole internet thang, it still feels so foriegn to me but I am glad I was able to locate you and respond so now you have my email…as I shared with you the other night, I have made HUGE decisions in my life that I was unsure, to say the least, of the outcome but I took the plunge anyhow, and situations and events presented themselves that never would have if I hadnt taken the initial risk…hung the first toe over the edge…you are my newest heroine…please email me so we can stay in touch!!!lisa whittemore

  30. Melanie L

    Thanks so much for this article and website! I got tired of my “career” and am now spreading my wings to fly. This article described exactly what I am doing and want for my family! Thanks again!

  31. Lauren

    I keep toying with the idea of self representation of my work, I am so tired of waiting on gallery sales and feeling out of control with my work. I want to connect with my customers, I want to know who they are! I want to hear feedback from people who love my work and enjoy being an artist for a change.

    I’m going to trust God and go for it too. As you said, what’s the worst thing that can happen? I’m not giving up much to give it a shot.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, your blog is awesome and I’m jotting down things to try.

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  33. facebook_rosalie.parker.184

    This is a nice article, but sadly, based on a false attribution of a quote NOT BY GOETHE, but by William Hutchinson Murray (1913-1996), from his book entitled _The Scottish Himalayan Expedition_. At the end of his wonderful lines about making commitment and Providence moves – the most important part, he quotes Goethe:
    “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

    I hope you will credit the right author with this fantastic and inspiring quote.

    1. Maria

      Rosalie, thanks for correcting me – I knew that Goethe was often claimed to have said this, but that many people disputed it. Thank you – I have made the correction in the post!

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  36. Caitlin

    My fiancé and I are flying out from Georgia to Washington for a job interview for him. The original plan was to move to Germany in October, but Germany will always be there for us, and we’ve been having a lot of issues getting my passport. Now, I’m in the middle of interviews and meetings with a small business owner who’s about to open up a shop RIGHT HERE. I got scared that I wouldn’t be able to take the job with her if Chris gets the job in Washington. But, in the last two days that ALL of this has been coming together, it’s been working out. I’ve got a meeting with her (in half an hour, I’ve been researching how to handle this since she’s my first legitimate client), and I’m going to tell her about Washington, that he may get the job, and I’m going to tell her how we could work it out for me to still work with her. I’m going to illustrate her print ad campaign, I’m going to license some works for her to use in her drink-and-paint studio, and if everything goes according to plan, I’ll get to work with her for the first several months that she’s open until after the already paid-for convention in Atlanta, and then I’ll move to Washington where Chris will have everything already set up. 🙂 It’s going to be great.

  37. Fennel Blythe

    Thank you so much for this post! A friend sent me this quote last fall when I was in the middle of the hesitancy you are referring to. It gave me the strength to commit for real to my passion and talent. And it is true, things are moving! But yes, it is not luck. Coming out to San Clemente to work one on one with Drew in 2013 truly did catapult me into the board art lifestyle that I dreamed of. I have clients coming to me from a large area just to have me refurbish their boards and giving me free rein to customize their boards with my own artistic vision. It is a gift and it is hard work as well. It is ultimately though, extremely gratifying and fulfilling!

  38. Catherine

    Hi! Your story is so inspirational! I recently returned from a trip to paris I went on with a friend, it came at exactly the right time as if been utterly miserable for quite a while! I hadn’t been to Paris for years and realised how in love with France I am and how at home I feel there-genuinely! It also gave me the opportunity to meet up with (whilst I was there) a french guy I have been chatting to (over facebook et Al) for 3 years! We’ve always been flirty etc in our messages but I have never really considered him as potentially the ‘one’. However after meeting him I truly believe we are going to be together and that I am destined to live in France with him. He has gone a bit distance since but I think it’s because neither of us expected this etc. Lots of ‘serendipitous’ things happened this weekend too like finding cute little journal books with names on like ‘destiny’ ‘serendipity’ and ‘dream’ and also my name is catherine spelt the French way 😉 and we kept on seeing my name in the most random of places. It feels so right and im going to commit myself to moving there and a future with him 🙂

  39. Eduard Rijborz

    Hi Maria. My name is Eduard Rijborz, Artist, muralist, furniture creater/designer and inventor.
    I just signed on to your network to get clarity on what to promote and take to the next level… The project…”Online marketing of our artwork”, and Other products we are passionate about.. It’s nothing like I’ve experienced before… In fact It is the most difficult project we have ever had. .. Ive always made decent income from the artwork and design projects we’ve been involved with over the years.Highs and lows… Getting taken advantage of, and coming up short at times. All do in part to not having strong contracts and billing problems! HELP?
    Now to tranform into selling our art online is like getting a Jumbo Jet to fly with the mechanics of a hot air balloon. ( or just pushing the hot air is what it feels like.)
    We have always lived our lives as you described your 3 month hyades to the east coast, and have always come out better, Even more passionate in our endeavors to be successful!!
    All has been flat lining, even having a gallery, we’ve fallen short of our goals. Would love a one on one session to see what can be next.
    Best regards
    Eduard Frans Rijborz
    Wanda Rijborz
    Laguna Riviera Studio Art Gallery
    San Clemente, California. 92672
    But I need help to go there.

  40. Satina Cooper

    Love! Love! Love your story. An amazing reminder of what happens when I commit to doing it anyway.

    3 years ago life completely turned on its head for me, with everything being stripped away.

    The last 2 of those years rehabilitating and finding my new ground and gathering puzzle pieces for me what next.

    4 weeks ago I finally realised I had all the pieces, but NO idea where to start, or HOW to put them together.

    A 30 days video challenge showed up, and my insides screamed yes…although I felt I had NO idea what to say on video.

    My new journey has begun…and steps keep showing up.

    I’m going immediately to print out the ‘Until committed’ verse, And here and now make a commitment to fully stepping forward as the still unfolding new excavation and full expression of my most authentic self.

    Committed to uncovering, rediscovering and sharing the gifts I’ve come to share.

  41. Tunde Ekpekurede

    This is quite inspirational. Several years ago I left Nigeria for an MBA in Ireland without full fees paid and with no means of sustenance. With a wife and 4 kids, it was difficult to tell friends how I will survive…. but very amazingly I met a guy in Ireland who was willing for me to work for him part time by email and with the funds I got, I completed my MBA in record time and before the program was over got full time employment. My wife completed her medical exams and kids were registered in school.


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